Blue Water Farm

Our Team

Introducing the Bluewater Team

When you come to visit or stay at Bluewater Farm, you will see us around. We’re always up to something.

The ones who do all the hard work: 

Billy Sanborn has been here since my first spring. He’s in charge of all the repairs and upgrades. He does beautiful work and he does it with good cheer and seemingly bionic energy.

Jackie Adams has been here nearly as long and does everything else that makes Bluewater Farm run so well. Jackie has a great attitude-- patient, warm and silly.

On top of everything else, these two put up with me and my endless ideas.

Susie Moore takes good care of the bookkeeping and is usually goofy when she is here. Could she possibly enjoy bookkeeping?

We all share a lot of laughs. Working with this great team makes it all worthwhile and fun.

Julie Bergeron and others fill in to help keep it all clean.

Diane and Jeff Miller keep us mowed in the summer, and kept us plowed in the winter before Big B and Tommy truck joined the team, enabling us to do the plowing ourselves.

Throughout my time here I have had the huge benefit of a few trusted advisors.

I met Jo Crisp my first week here. Jo was a long-time resident of Andover, a true Yankee and funny as all get out. She always wondered out loud why she opened the door and let me in on that first winter day. I sat in front of her woodstove for many hours, drinking tea, sorting out the challenges and laughing about my missteps. She was my hardest taskmaster and most faithful cheerleader. Jo passed away in 2011.

I met Karen and Don (Spike) Gross early on (through our old Labrador, Suki). Karen and Spike took me under their wing and have kept me there. They found me Billy, Jackie, Jeff and Diane. They have guided me and supported me through some of the hardest times I have had here. I knew NOTHING when I arrived. Learning the hard way is what I seem to do best.

Our Goal

We all do our best to have everything run smoothly so that you can focus on being with the people you came to share time with, and enjoy this beautiful setting without distraction.

Our goal is for you to Simply Enjoy, but know that we are here if you need us.

Our Team

We'd like to thank everyone at Bluewater Farm who helped to make our management retreat go so seamlessly. The location and functionality of the space was perfect. We were able to get away from the office without traveling too far and the beautiful water view and spaciousness of the lodge made us feel that we were at a home away from home. the staff were very accomodating and yet completely unobtrusive. It was an added benefit that we were able to have the full use of the kitchen and bring in our own food and refreshments to keep the cost down. It truly was a great day. Thanks for everything. 

Tracey Lonergan

Director of Admisnistrative Operations

Community Bridges, Concord, NH