Blue Water Farm

Our History

Long before my arrival, from 1866 to 1928, this beautiful place was the Fitzgerald family farm. The woman holding the rifle is Jennie McCormick Fitzgerald. She is standing in front of the farmhouse, which is still here and which houses Bluewater Farm World Headquarters.

Peg Hoban bought the property in the late 1930s. She continued to add parcels until she had the current lot which is 236 acres. She turned it into a top notch girls’ summer camp called Camp Marlyn, which came from combining the first three letters of Peg’s first name, Margaret and the last three letters of the camp mother’s name, Evelyn Boynton.

Claudette Meier purchased the property from Peg Hoban in 1965 and continued its use as a girls’ camp. In the early 1990s she rented out the camp to Leona Jenkins who continued the summer camp until 1995. After that the Lodge and some of the other buildings were converted to year-round use and the old farm became the Owl’s Nest Conference Center.

I arrived here in the late autumn of 2005, having fallen for the place months before. I first saw it at the end of March 2005 and walked the property line in snowshoes.

Since then with the help of MANY, Bluewater Farm has come into being. 



Our Story

The beauty of Bluewater Farm is remembered by thousands and thousands of girls who came home after a camping summer on the shores of Bradley Lake full of confidence and the love of nature that it inspired. They became better women because of it, and will remember it always.