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There's always something good going on around here.

The Lodge is Remodeled

Over the last few years we have remade much of the Lodge. It still has its good old bones, and now it also has spacious porches, new windows and new doors. We have redone all the bathrooms, updated the kitchen, and replaced floors, furniture and lighting.

During the summer of 2008 we rebuilt the open-air chapel on the hill. I don’t think you will find anything quite like this magical spot, with its view over the lake and mountains.  

In 2011 it was landscaping. We’ve made the front lawn level with a beautiful stone wall and granite steps leading up to the Lodge entrance. This makes a perfect party tent site with a water view and a great area for all kinds of fun activities.

We have replaced the old upright piano in the Lodge, that had been here for so long, the musically inclined will find this one more willing. Upstairs we have made a cozier seating area on the landing, the new (to us) stove has a broiler in addition to the big griddle, two ovens and 6 burners and our trusty old (very old) dishwasher has been replaced with a new one.

Big B

We’ve added a new member to the Bluewater Farm family. ‘Big B’ a 1950 Chevy truck. She dumps, she plows, we had to have her. She is the eldest member of our hard working team, and she is really great looking!

Oliver turns 14!

Oliver, our mascot, turns 14 in 2012 (98 in dog years!!). We should all look so good at that age. Other than some hair loss (he seems to be going bald from the tail forward) he isn’t showing signs of his advanced years.




News & Events

We have been going away on weekends since 1988. During that time we have stayed at many lodges. Bluewater is one of our favorites because of the marvelous view from the deck. The spacious rooms allowing us to be all together for stitching, eating, playing games, relaxing and just having fun. Thanks Deb and Crew!