Blue Water Farm

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What size reception will our Lodge Hold?

A:  125 or under is best, over 125 you will need to rent a tent & two porta johns. The maximum limit is 150.

Q: What size tent can we accomodate?

A:  40' by 60'.

Q:  How far is Proctor Academy?

A:  1.5 miles down the hill.

Q:  What is our payment/deposit policy?

A:  One nights stay for any building to reserve. Balances for Family Reunions or Weddings are due on 2/15 of the reservation year. Balances on single cottages (not part of a family reunion or a wedding) are due 90 days prior to your arrival.

Q:  Do we issue refunds or transfers?

A:  No, so please be sure before you put down a deposit.

Q:  What is our check in/check out time?

A:  For the cottages it is 3pm check in and 11am check out, no exceptions. For the Lodge it is the same unless you have paid to do otherwise.

Q:  Are the cottages open year round?

A:  No, they are open Mid-May to Mid-October.  The Lodge is open year round.

Q:  What is the maximum number we can sleep?

A:  40 at the Lodge,14 at our three cottages, (6, 4 & 4) and 24 in our three camper cabins (8 in each)

Q:  Do we enforce quiet hours?

A:  Yes, 10pm Sunday thru Thursday, 12 midnight Friday and Saturday

Q:  What is our alcohol policy?

A:  We are zoned residential so you can bring in your own alcohol and serve it but you cannot sell it.

Q:  Do we allow fireworks?

A:  No, we have a new policy due to the horse facility, no fireworks, cannons or anything of that nature. Sparklers are okay.

Q: What is the best way to contact us?

A:  Please e-mail us at

Q: Do we allow pets?

A:  Never at the Lodge although we do allow well-behaved dogs to visit our cottages.  The fee is $25 per day, per pet, plus tax. *

Q: Can we just stop by to look around?

A:  Please dont - in an effort to respect our guests privacy, we ask that you call ahead to make an appointment to tour the farm.


*Due to insurance restrictions, the following breeds are not allowed on the property;  Akita, Chow, Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rotweiler or Presa Canario (Wolf Dogs).